Corodius Krunchenviener; AKA Drab Meister

CEO, CTO, Treasurer, legal council of Drab Industries. 95 year old self made tycoon, survived an extremely deprived childhood. Survived war, depression, plague, in a now non-existent east European country. Lost his hair when he was 13… His personal motto: “Fun has done no favors for me.”



Howard; AKA Orcaman

Seattle’s newest superhero, product of Seattle’s schools, owner of the Euan Dornay Castle. Bon Vivante, Beu Gesie, Jet Setting male beach model. Defending his title in the Australian live alligator carry/drag obstacle toss. Founder and leader of Orca Scouts, passionate jetski enthusiast.

Thank You

We are so excited when we hear from our Orcafans, no matter what their age is! Here are a few of the letters that Orcaman has inspired: A little girl named Zoey is even writing her own comic now! Awesome, Zoey!!!
Thank you all,

Orcaman Comics

Letter from Zoey
Letter from John

It’s Here!

Issue #1
We are over-the-moon excited to announce that physical copies of The Adventures of Orcaman have made their appearance at long last! Gorgeous colors, impeccable craftsmanship, a fun and engaging story, and lovable, unforgettable characters make this a must-have addition to your collection! Perfect for the adventurous spirit, no matter what age: purchase one today!
(Holidays are just around the corner!)

Keep Riding,

The Team at Orcaman Comics